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If you think you have seen enough musicals and would like to pass on to something more complicated and elite, evening concerts at St Martin-in-the-Fields might become your door to classical music.

The night I went there, the London Concertante chamber orchestra was performing. And although their picture on the playbill was very vivid, I still had some fears I might have to run away if it becomes too solemn and tedious.

Then I saw my neighbours. Well, actually I first saw beers in their hands, but I didn’t get a chance to express my indignation as I was then shocked by the fact that they turned out to be teenagers.

The words “church”, “classical music”, “beer” and “teenagers” have always belonged to different parts of my inner world. Writing for a newspaper in Russia, I wouldn’t get a chance to use them in one sentence.

But the two young Londoners seemed to enjoy the evening, and so did I. All was there: first-class performers, amazingly beautiful melodies, vaults of the church that made the sound almost three-dimensional, a witty host who made you feel at home, and candlelight to bring some magic to the night.

London is full of surprises.

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