How about some Orange Tea?

I did my BA on Philology, and my dissertation dealt with methods of speech influence in advertising. Long story made short, I still have a habit of taking notice of good or particularly poor examples of advertising.

So, this one, in London tube, has caught my eye recently*:

Hmm, a good one**, I thought. And looked at the one next to it:

Oh, how cute, I thought then. “Rivals uniting for the common good.”

A couple of days later, I saw another pair of adverts:

And again, it made me smile… and become suspicious. So back home I googled this “everything everywhere” that inspired two mobile competitors to be so friendly to each other, only to find out that, in a way, they are competitors no more!

Since July 2010, they are run by a company called “Everything Everywhere Limited”, that is owned jointly by Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) and France Telecom (Orange). And it says on their website they are “UK’s biggest communications company, with a combined customer base of almost 28 million people and more than 720 retail stores across the country”.

Did you know that? What a great move, the French and the German uniting to take over the British communications market.

I reckon it’s significant. For me, it is one more proof that in the world of business and big money, there is nothing even close to racial prejudice, cross-cultural conflicts or, indeed, emotion at all. Gain is really the strongest motive power nowadays.

Well, I’m ok with that, as long as they don’t behave like a nasty monopoly and start pushing up prices…

Related links:

BBC’s story on the merger (or rather plans to merge, in September 2009)

Report on “everyting everywhere” website, claiming 1.35 million customers benefit from having access to both networks

Orange and T-mobile websites

* All the TMs, logos etc. on the pictures belong to their owners.
** In case you wondered, why I think this is a good one: it intrigues the reader, it uses play-on-words, it appeals to a stereotype and it is an open question written in spoken language, so it almost speaks to you. And the design is quite smart, don’t you think?


7 responses to this post.

  1. hi Dilara,

    nice blog, though would have liked to read more on the subject, when the tempo was begining to build up on the german n french co. taking over brit ended it abruptly..

    why not make part -II of thhe same..


    • Hey Avinash, thanks for the comment.

      I added the date when the merger happened, and links to their websites. And there is some info at BBC’s website (See Related Links).

      But I’m afraid I’m not interested in the whole story, I was just amused by the adverts, really.

      Besides, this blog already has 350 words in it, which means I don’t care about it anymore )))))


  2. Posted by Aygul on November 13, 2010 at 12:47

    So cute)))
    It reminds me some adverts of famous Russian Internet provider. When it was steel December, 2009 they wrote: “2011 is coming… always the first “. The most curious in it is that I can’t exactly say, what day is it today, so this post confused me at all)))


    • Привет! Пасипа за визит и коммент )) А шо не по-нашему? :D


      • Posted by Aygul on November 13, 2010 at 19:02

        Хх)))следую языку оригинала))
        P.S. боюсь как бы через полгодика ты мне не отписала то же самое на английском)))))))


  3. Не боись :)


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