Writing profile features for the Web: Rena

Qun Gu, or simply Rena, looks just like another MA Journalism student. She is young and willing to learn, her eyes shining with enthusiasm as she approaches another task. Yet she is a married woman with seven years of work experience.

Rena did her BA in International Politics at Fudan University in China, and in 2003 she joined Shanghai Media Group, multimedia television and radio broadcasting news company, to work as a global news editor.

“Journalism is a job you never get tired of. Every day is different”, says Rena. “It gives you lots of opportunities to meet people and cover all sorts of international events”.

Among other things, she reported on the 2007 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Vietnam, 2008 presidential elections from Chicago, USA, and World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. And she talks about it with no arrogance at all.

“Reporting from the ground is something I really enjoy, it’s unique experience that broadens your outlook”, Rena talks eagerly about her passion for journalism.

“I used to dislike travelling before I became involved in media production. But now I agree with the old Chinese saying that “Travelling 10,000 miles is better than reading 10,000 books.”

In 2010, her company recommended her to apply for the British Council Chevening scholarship. And she won it, leaving hundreds of young graduates behind.

“Family is important”

Rena seems to be a very strong and independent woman, career being the main priority for her. But family is important as well, she confesses.

Back in China, she has a caring husband whom she married last year and had to leave soon to come to London.

“He loves me. He knows that for me it’s a great opportunity, that it will benefit my career. He let me chase my dream, and I appreciate that”, says Rena, sounding more tender now as she talks about her family. “And I am thinking about children, but I’m in no hurry”.

“I’m not paid as much as my classmates who work in foreign companies do, but then I have more time for my family, and I like the balance.”


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