Writing news features: bailout for Ireland

“When have Britain ever given anything out of good will?”, ask the Irish, but accept the helping hand.

Last night, Ireland finally asked for an international financial rescue package of €90bn (£77.3bn), after seven days of denying it would need help, The Guardian reports.

The reaction was immediate, with stock markets welcoming the decision and political crisis being caused in the republic.

But what do you have to say? We followed you on Twitter and Facebook to find out what you think.

“Britain giving us money sounds a bit… skeptical. When have Britain ever given anything out of good will?”, asks JaelMurphy from Ireland.

Danielasabatini from Dublin is outraged at the Irish Minister for Social Protection Éamon Ó Cuív for saying that “prayer is powerful” on Irishtimes.com. She tweets: “Pray won’t save Ireland from incompetence and corruption”.

A discussion on Facebook group “I’m from IRELAND and I’m PROUD to say *I’M IRISH*” gives several opinions, including one from Greg Dowling who considers the bailout a disgrace and reckons “ the good people of this great nation don’t want” the money.

Thinking deeper

And indeed, there is some place for jeering among the British. The tweet “One can confirm that one has bought Ireland” got retweeted repeatedly.

Some of the tweets are mean. User daraobriain tweets: “A lot of tweets from the British about how you now ‘own’ Ireland. How dare you! You ‘part-own’ it, with Germany and Sweden.”

However, some of the British seem to think deeper and ask where the UK government is going to get the funds from:

“Coalition have no money so they increase aid and offer Ireland a loan that the EU is able to cover?”, tweets brucestorm from Scotland.

“So let me get this right. We have no money to spare for the ill, or poorly paid, but enough for bankers and Ireland”, states vertigojones.

International reaction

“Yesterday Greece, today Ireland, tomorrow… Portugal, Spain, Italy?” asks a rhetorical question Nouriel from New York.

It seems like most of the international audience feels sorry for the country, and would like to help.

JorgePastine from Argentina says: “Ireland’s not unlucky, just an inevitable victim of the euro project.”

“Gonna go pound back pints of Guinness and try to get Ireland out of this little financial problem they’re having I suggest you do the same”, thejonrandall from Canada tweets.

With all the range of reactions and consequences of the Irish accepting the bailout, the situation for the republic seems shaky. But there is some optimism in the hearts of the nation. The tweet by Kkunlimited, from Ireland, proves it:

“Ireland is full of talented people who don’t fit neatly into the establishment – now is the time to let them shine and show us the way”.


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