What a week!

It’s Sunday evening now and, looking back at the week that is about to end, I must say it was a very busy and fruitful one.

On Monday, we had a “fasten your seatbelts: Paul and David are here” class, the second part of which turned – as usual – stressful as we had to write a news feature about Ireland getting the bail out from EU.

All I knew about the matter before we got the task was that the Irish accepted that bail out. Judging by confused faces of my classmates and rather feverish silence as everyone turned to their computers, I was not the only ignorant student in the group. It was a harsh experience, but that’s what you get in a real newsroom.

Wednesday. Student protest in London. Picture by Xudong Tseng.

On Tuesday, we had Jenny Kleeman from Channel 4’s Unreported World as a Guest Speaker. She told us about the creation of one of her documentaries. A very entertaining and useful talk it was. And I think she is cute.

Wednesday was sooo cool! Thank you, Dave, for agreeing to take the risk and let us cover the student demo!

Our print journalists group divided into two parts, one reporting from the scene, the other one producing content based on their reports. We did four features, a rolling news story and tweeted a lot. All can be found on the Westminster News Online website.

On Thursday we had a class devoted to writing reviews, and after that I went to see the latest Harry Potter.

I promised myself not to watch number 7 after the dreadful number 6, but I got some “it’s safe to watch this one” feedback, so I risked it. And actually it was much better than 4-5-6 :) But I have to stop talking about HP right now or I won’t get to Sunday today.

Friday owes a “thank you” to Paul who managed to get us into The Telegraph headquarters.

Friday. The Telegraph newsroom. Picture by Xudong Tseng.

Free copies of the newspaper, free tea and biscuits, a very thoughtful talk and a glance at the wooow newsroom were all included in the visit.

But most importantly, now I can casually say something like “Oh year, nice office they have indeed” to anyone reading a copy of the Daily Telegraph.

Saturday was freezing, boring and productive. I went to Neasden to get some quotes for a news story I am working on for my module portfolio, and finished the Law and Ethics assignment. Please kindly don’t mention the words “defamation”, “public interest” and “contempt of court” in front of me for a few weeks.

Finally on Sunday I did what I didn’t plan to do: I bought 15 Christmas cards and signed them to be send to my friends and relatives back in Russia. It was an impulse I couldn’t resist.

When was the last time you got a real, ink-and-paper card via regular post, a card that travelled many miles to reach you, a card with stamps on the envelope? Call me old-fashioned, but imho you can’t feel the warmth of Christmas wishes on a screen of a PC…


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    Mmmmm actually not very interestig article =)


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