London pillow fight-2011

I have always been thrilled by flash mobs. Strangers plotting an event on the Internet and then gathering at the same place at the same time to do the act for no particular reason? Seems almost rebellious and very tempting to me!

I even wrote an article about flash mob for our team website. So when a friend invited me to take part in the International Pillow Fight Day on Trafalgar Square, I decided to go.

I was looking forward to seeing the shocked and amused faces of unsuspecting public when we suddenly would take the hidden pillows out of our bags and start swinging at each other.

But when we came out of the Charing Cross tube station ten minutes before the appointed time, I was so disappointed that all the cheerful mood was gone.

The square was full of people holding pillows. Some of them were talking in groups. It was so obvious that a flash mob was about to start! The surprise factor was completely ruined…

And when the horn was blown and the pillow fight started, there were so many photographers and cameramen around that the event looked staged and extremely artificial…

For those in the center of the fight, it must have been an unforgettable experience. But if you hear that a real flash mob is about to happen around the town, please let me know.


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